First Saturday of the month - Churchyard Clearup Morningings (10am till noon) - come and help!

Our churchyard is a 'living' churchyard (the new churchyard at the rear of the church) albeit that most is known as being 'closed' meaning that burials no longer take place in those places. We are greatful that the 'closed' part of the churchyard are, for health & safety reasons, maintained by Wealden District Council who maintain a 're-wilding' policy to help flaura and forna to grow.

Burials are allowed in the 'new' churchyard. Our church community maintain this as much as we can, although it is a challenge - the pictures below give some insight into this! Families are asked to keep to the 'Chancellor's Directions,' which are the legal requirements that the local parish needs to keep to. An extract of these can be downloaded and read here: Extract from Chancellor's Directions       

Before BEFORE.Work in progress .

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